Shadows Over Ceren

Session 1 (WIP)
As Shadows Slumber Like Morning Dew

A summary of our first session of our campaign:

Our session begins in the bustling town of Hoffsburg, in the kingdom of Osterland. There, five strangers have gathered at The Golden Troll, Inn & Tavern.  

  • Adorinda Mason: A blacksmith's daughter, and a fierce fighter. Adorinda was born and raised in the Breyan town of Mirefall. Mirefall lies on the Breyan border between Ashnar and Osterland, and thus is often afflicted with the strife that skirmishes between the two kingdoms bring. She took up arms to defend her home, and now has ventured into Osterland to search for a way to end the conflict. 
  • Chise Silverkin: A young teenager born with strange magical powers. The seventh child of a poor farming couple, her parents sent her away to a school for mages, in the hopes that she can learn how to control her powers. Bored and discontent, Chise fled from the mage school, and now wanders the land seeking to learn and master their magic on thier own, and to perhaps find their long-lost friend. 
  • Whick: A former cleric from across the Eastern Sea, Whick is a fiery champion of the moon goddess Sehlune, whose blue flame burns for justice. She traveled far from her home to the western continent of Edeth on a pilgrimage. Sehlune and the High Priests of her order had a felt "a dark shadow cast over the land of Edeth." Thus Whick has traveled in order to seek out this darkness and expunge it, thus completing her pilgrimage and sacred duty. 
  • Beezle: An eccentric gnome from the woods of Faelamyr, Beezle is a powerful wizard who fights for fun and her friends. Insistent on being a "magical girl", Beezle has journeyed far from her home to make fond memories and kick evil butt. Its what a magical girl would do, after all. 
  • "Jeff": A peculiar Ryuto artificer who has traveled across the Eastern sea to learn more about the smithing techniques and styles of western smiths, and to find cool and interesting weapons. Unable to differentiate between different races; just sees them all as the same race but different heights

Upon this faithful night, the five happened to all be in the tavern enjoying themselves and the merriment around them, when they came across a nun from the local church, Sister Helga, who was dire need of assistance. 

In short, a strange plague has swept through the town about a year or so ago. In addition, people have been disappearing, one of which was the previous pastor.  She pleaded with the outsiders to help her find the cause and ailment for both. 

Slowly, the five gathered, each for their own reasons; some for gold, some for justice, some for fun, and some because they were too drunk to say no. 

However, Sister Helga was not the only ViP they met that night. They also met the alluring and beautiful elven bard, Amalia.  

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