Adorinda Mason

Daughter of a blacksmith from Breyaland, Adorinda is a force to be reckoned with, who has a heart of Gold


Human Fighter

Hero of Aldor

Level 3


“And in one swift motion, Adorinda nocked the arrow onto the bow and made a move to light it on Whik’s holy fire. Ignoring the burning in her hand, she let the arrow fly at the false priest, shouting ‘You are NO Priest of Aldor’ as the arrow hit him in the heart and lit him ablaze, killing him”

Leaving the small village of Myrefall at the edge of Breyaland, Adorinda set out to find help for her war-torn home town, which was trapped between warring nations. Along the way she met Whik, a fire Genasi with whom she shared a knowledge of Common Sign Languafe, or CSL.

More TBA

Has a crush on the elf Amalia, is smitten and tries way too hard to impress her.

Adorinda Mason

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